We have combined our 50 years of corporate experience under D&D Pharmaceutical Consultancy Limited Company DD PHARMA.
We are proud to serve in these two areas with our experience in Health and Finance.
We act with our national and international organization to meet the needs of underdeveloped and developing countries for access to vaccines, medicines and medical supplies. We continue our sustainable success in business development, promotion and marketing in the public and private markets with our experience we have gained especially in the vaccine market with our ever-increasing performance.
We are proud to offer natural products to Doctors, Pharmacists and our people in the field of Dermocosmetics and Vitamins as Turkey, TRNC, Azerbaijan and Ukraine Distributor of Herbal Essentials, the UK’s award-winning brand in the pharmaceutical sector with Turkey and TRNC Organization.
Our second important field of activity in the health sector is in the field of Health tourism, which is developing and healing today. Our country’s growing health units serve European Union countries, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and South Africa with senior doctors experienced in their fields in Turkey. D&D Health is a health tourism company offering affordable options for those in need of physical therapy (through spas and spas), relaxation and vacation.
DD PHARMA Turkey team.